Used Model Trains For Sale - OO Gauge Railway, Trains, Wagons & Carriages

Fri, 22 Apr 2016, Jamie King

At Kings Trains we have a wide range of used model railway, from trains, wagons and carriages to railway books, DVD's and VHS documentaries covering railway heritage and history. Our used model railway is in quality used condition and ranges from vintage model trains to modern, DCC fitted locomotives. The majority of our used railway collection is in OO gauge, though the odd O gauge and N gauge models are available but are limited.

Finding good quality, or highly sought after used model railway can be a mixed affair. The traditional toy fairs or swop-meets would serve as a great platform to find quality used model trains at competitive, if not bargain prices from local model railway shops and sellers. Online there are a wide range of established websites selling quality used models, and while their stock will change frequently it's a chore to trawl the web looking for that elusive model train or freight carriage to complete that collection or rake of wagons.
I also suppose, some would say the excitement and hands on feel of visiting a toy fair or swop-meet has an all but different experience, where you can dig through piles of stacked model trains and barter your way to bagging a quality used train. 
Aside to this and always above is the traditional model shop, to which we believe should always be supported and encouraged to remain. So the avenues for finding used model railway trains are quite vast, including the marmite platform of evil-bay that you either love or hate.

At Kings Trains we stock a variety of branded, used model trains and railway, from control gear and track side accessories, to the model locomotives, wagons, carriages and other rolling stock. We've had the highly sought after models that sell like hot cakes and the favoured model trains that we always need 'just one more of'. If you can't find the model train your looking for on our website, do let us know so that we can explore the depths of our stock room just in-case the one you want is hiding back there.

Take a look at our Steam Locomotives here or our range of Diesel Locos here. We also have various Carriages and Freight Wagons you can look at too.

Good luck.

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