Product Returns

You can return an item using the RMA form below, if you have not done so already, first please read our Terms & Conditions and our Returns Information & Refund Policy. Some products cannot be returned for a refund and as such are listed in our Terms & Conditions, so please check before sending an item back to us. If you are unsure please contact us here so that we can help with your return query.

Where possible we shall look to replace / repair items that are returned, though due to the nature of the business it may be difficult to source replacements due to limited stock. Typically refunds would be applied when replacements are not available.

Please complete the form below to request an RMA number.

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Note; some items, such as DVD's, VHS tapes and audio CD's may have been supplied un-sealed and would have been advertised as doing so. Eitherway our standard refund policy and terms & conditions still apply. Due to the very nature of the business some items may automatically be defined as 'opened' regardless of packaging and through no fault of you the customer. See our terms & conditions and refund policy for further information.

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