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I have available a Bachmann 31-116 Standard Class 4MT highly weathered Steam Locomotive model, numbered with loco number: 75069 and 4-6-0 configuration. The Bachmann Branchline box says "31 - 116 STNDARD CLASS 4MT 75069 BR1B TENDER BR LINED GREEN LATE CREST PRESERVED". This model is OO gauge and has an 8-pin DCC socket. It is DCC ready.
This Bachmann 31-116 4MT is highly weathered, almost looking bronze in colour and was professionally done in my opinion. See the pictures for details of loco weathering.
It runs very well, and is sold as pre-owned but I have only had it out of the box for these pictures. I'd suggest a quick check-over and wheel/contact clean if needed, although it ran pretty well when I tested it today.
I'd love to see this Bachman 31-116 Weathered 4MT Standard Class steam train find a new home with a model railway hobbyist or enthusiast. With such a striking look, detail and weathered appearance I'm sure this 00 Gauge model will be greatly appreciated.
Class & Livery
Class Standard Class 4MT
Livery Number 75069
Livery Name
Product Specifics
Model Number 31-116
DCC Status DCC Ready 8 Pin
Scale OO Gauge
Condition Excellent
Box Status Original Box
  • £129.00

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